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This site is dedicated to provide clean entertainment in the form of text jokes, funny pictures and humorous videos. All humor is suitable for people of all ages and can be shared with family and friends at all types of parties and functions. This immense collection of top quality hilarious material is made available to you absolutely free of charge.

Types Of Jokes

Jokes can be classified into hundreds of categories as there is humor on every word that is spoken by people. Jokes may be related to things, places, animals, humans etc. Jokes can be used just to create humor as well as to discriminate and insult people. Quite a lot of jokes circulated on the web are sexually explicit and not fit for all age groups. We do the evaluation of all types of humorous material and place before you only that what fits within decent limits.

Effects Of Humor

Research has proved time and again that time spent in healthy humorous environment generates positive chemicals within the human body that is good for the health of the body. Humor well directed creates a good atmosphere to have fun and enjoy time with loved ones specially family and friends. A lot of humor in your life will keep the doctors and medicines away from you. Good funny jokes lighten up the situation and raise the spirits of everybody around.

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Short Funny Jokes

This is the best place for funny videos jokes in the entire universe. The funny quotes on varied subjects is a real treat and those on yo mama jokes make excellent humor along with appropriate knock knock jokes that are selected from the best by a knowledgeable panel. Besides the collection of racist jokes is very unique as here again the quality standards are very high. The section on dirty jokes is equally good with numerous topics to choose from not to neglect one of the most widely appreciated pranks joke of all time. Keeping in mind the growing popularity a special section has been dedicated to jokes in hindi which now a days draws a sizable chunk of visitors. The chuck norris jokes have always been popular among all types of ages from kids to senior citizens and they are expected to be the same for times to come. Great efforts are being taken to ensure that the joke of the day is always fresh and new to the viewers. There is something for every region and thus the hindi jokes are given quite some weightage. Any portal would be incomplete if not catering to jokes for kids and ours is not any different in this area. Thus making santa banta jokes a necessity for this category of visitors. The sexy and titillating adult jokes are much desired by a major part of the populace and to add to the glamour the blonde jokes find a large viewership among all ages. With the most hilarious jokes that are found among crazy mexican jokes the reader may at times find himself to be a bit stupid if not silly. If ever anyone asked you to tell me a joke then there is a wholesome mountain of kids jokes. These are selected from some of the most funny jokes for kids and don't worry about the bad jokes as there are none to be categorized here. An unbelievable array of new and latest yo momma jokes are translated from some unique funny jokes in hindi tending good jokes for children and families. There is a monthly prize for the funniest jokes that are considered in the short jokes arena and which make clean good jokes for all genders and years.

Funniest Jokes

This is the story of the most unbelievable funny videos jokes that were found muddled with some of the most astounding funny quotes which are believed to be taken for the most ancient yo mama jokes. That is why it makes great humor when intermingled with the rare kind of amazing but finest knock knock jokes that some may say smack of offensive content but all racist jokes need not be classified as third grade dirty jokes although the possibility is very tempting. In our endeavor to present some unique concept we decided to go in for a very popular pranks joke but unfortunately the audience we were catering to did not fancy jokes in hindi but rather decided to go in for some old and tasteless chuck norris jokes. To make the joke of the day appealing to a wide audience we had to make a concession for hindi jokes and specially give more than possible weightage to jokes for kids. This led us to the revelation that there was a class of santa banta jokes which satisfied the taste buds of the younger generation even if it was silly and stupid. No campaign would be complete without giving the adult jokes its due importance and reckoning even if it is based purely on demand that research indicated. The latest set of mind boggling blonde jokes are without any doubt to be rated among the top best ever hilarious jokes and in addition the rare collection mexican jokes are a treat to anyone and everyone on the planet. In response to the children's request that was to tell me a joke I did not hesitate to vomit out a number of kids jokes that kept them stunned till I ended the session on funny jokes for kids. Inadvertently there may appear some nasty distasteful bad jokes but it will be purely due to overlooking human error that is often the case with silly but cute yo momma jokes which were initially taken from an album of funny jokes in hindi. All these are exceptionally good jokes and even if they are not the type of funniest jokes one may be looking for but one cannot say that they do not fit among short jokes which is what everyone is looking for.

Hilarious Jokes

The highly rated and often sought after funny videos jokes provide rib tickling humor for all peoples and are suitable for varied occasions unlike most of the funny quotes that can be enjoyed by only those who are literate in that particular language. These rarest of rare yo mama jokes offer much more than just cheap humor but in collaboration with the finest knock knock jokes make amazing comedy for various functions. At the recent gathering of joke lovers there was a large amount of racist jokes that seemed offensive but the listeners took everything in their stride even if the content was stained with a lot of dirty jokes. When it comes to innovative pranks joke there is nothing better than a series of jokes in hindi which were initially borrowed from or adapted as one may decently put it from the ancient chuck norris jokes which may appear out dated but are still in reckoning in comedy circles. The main focus of our attention has always been to dish out the most astounding joke of the day and we have till date succeeded very well. The eastern countries are fond of hindi jokes which has a great provision for jokes for kids and even concepts like santa banta jokes originated from these regions. There is a high degree of resemblance between hard adult jokes and titillating glamorous blonde jokes which at times more often then otherwise lead to hilarious jokes much to the satisfaction of all present. Although the target was to get the best from mexican jokes they got caught on the wrong foot when demanded to tell me a joke at that hour. Do not neglect kids jokes because it is this area that draws the elders who accompany these little ones and funny jokes for kids makes real sense to be given prime positions. Among the most inappropriate content one always lands on bad jokes and even though the erstwhile and popular yo momma jokes were once regarded in this context it is now funny jokes in hindi that has taken over the popularity positions. Thus there is no substitute for good jokes but even the best of the funniest jokes need to be short jokes so as not to bore the visitors who are after all the most prized of all things.

Good Jokes

There was a time though not too far in the past when everyone had a fancy for good exciting funny videos jokes but with the advent of other modes of entertainment the focus or rather the demand has shifted from this area to a varied platform that includes among others very funny quotes. And although of an earlier era the yo mama jokes still offer stupendous quality of humor which when compared to versatile knock knock jokes may look a bit primeval but the research shows otherwise. During the recent conclave on terrible ways of entertaining people the racist jokes were in the fore front of all debatable discussions and were just done in by the tremendous support received by dirty jokes which no matter the type of occasion still is a hit among all type of crowds. The innocuous pranks joke does lead to intimidation no matter how mildly it is conveyed to the listeners and this area needs a lot of innovative writers to scratch their heads. They are not just awesome but jokes in hindi are the future of all comedy and chuck norris jokes are in the danger of being replaced from their erstwhile positions by this genre of fun. The joke of the day made the maximum impact or to do real justice we can rather say that hindi jokes make excellent fun time and to keep audience of that age the idea is to tell jokes for kids with a requisite mixture of santa banta jokes that are more often then not silly if not just stupid. The top rated adult jokes somehow seem to have a maternal attachment to blonde jokes which not just being hilarious jokes are a delight to the heart of every jok lover. If you are looking to earn your time value in measure of salt then check these mexican jokes of most ancient times which are orthodox to the core but still funny at heart. In response to the passionate demand from one of the chief guests to tell me a joke it was bizarre to start with cute but naive kids jokes which though mean a lot of funny jokes for kids appeared by the reaction of the hearers as utter bad jokes that no one wanted any part of in the crowd. The wisest thing was to switch to yo momma jokes which offer a pinch of titillation and one can easily borrow from a fascinating collection of funny jokes in hindi. It is said that superior things do not need any reviews and so the same goes for good jokes which will always pour out great rib tickling stuff even if not the funniest jokes but as long as their are from the short jokes that consider the time limit that sets in boredom in a human then one has learnt the trick to touch people to the core.